brand development

OK, not that branding. But it is all about leaving your mark.

We help build effective brands.

Your organization has a brand whether you may realize it or not.

That's because you don't define your brand, consumers define your brand through 
the experience it offers.

An effective brand identity is more than just a logo. It defines and expresses an organization's values and competitive edge into a unified, distinctive visual expression which enhances it's reputation, marketing, positioning, employee pride and productivity. It reflects how you want the consumer to perceive your brand.

If your organization currently has an effective, established logo, we can build on this foundation for the development of a brand strategy – allowing you to capitalize and expand on your original investment.

We implement a three step process:

1: Brand Audit

We examine the appropriateness and effectiveness of your existing brand inventory relative to your business strategy, market and audience.

2: Brand Direction

Working collaboratively with you, a distinctive, differentiating and value-based positioning strategy is developed.

3: Brand Implementation

We develop a dynamic visual identity and comprehensive usage guidelines to ensure effective, independent brand management by your organization.


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