Rainbow Schools

Branding Challenge:

Branding Challenge:

The Rainbow District School Board had struggled with an ineffective multi-colour logo which was outdated and costly to reproduce. The challenge was to define a visual image strategy which conveys leadership, pathways to learning and a connection between teacher and learner that can be reproduced cost effectively.



The apple is a long-standing emblem of the relationship between teacher and learner. The rainbow carved out of the apple and the series of pathways in the form of rainbows reflect the essence of Rainbow Schools - leaders in learning inspiring success for all students.


The three lines that form the stem of the apple represent the Board's vast geographic coverage area (Sudbury • Espanola • Manitoulin), the levels of learning (Elementary • Secondary • Continuing Education), and the programs offered (English • Core French • French Immersion). The parallel lines illustrate equality and diversity in public education.


The logo colours are two variations of blue. To provide for a rainbow-based colour palette, four colour blocks have been added to the branding system which when combined with the two blues in the logo, closely form the colour palette of a rainbow. The purpose is to provide additional creative options for full colour materials and visually enhance the overall brand.


Client testimonial |

"I have had the pleasure of working with PG Creative on a number of projects over a number of years. Technically skilled and wildly creative, they stretch the boundaries of the imagination as they bring ideas to life in innovative ways. The end product is always polished and professional. Projects are completed on time and on budget, with positive results."

Nicole Charette

Senior Advisor, Corporate Communications and Strategic Planning

Rainbow District School Board