City of Lakes Family Health Team

Branding Challenge:

Branding Challenge:

The Family Health Team model was developed by the Ontario Ministry of Health in an effort to improve efficiency in patient health care delivery. Each team consists of family doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists, dieticians and social workers. The challenge was to develop a brand identity which emphasizes health care and the "team" component in an inclusive and personable manner. 



Brand direction strategy was based on promoting a multi-dimensional team approach to patient health care which is represented through photography and modular design. The logo's symbol is a cross which traditionally represents health care. It has been modified into four quadrants to represent the primary members of the team, physicians. The smaller elements between represent the supportive members of the team, nurses, dieticians, etc. The overall symbol is styled to represent a flower along with a colour palette that promotes health. At the centre of the flower is a yellow element symbolizing the patient who receives the full complement of health care services.

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David Courtemanche
Executive Director, City of Lakes Family Health Team